Appability (Noun): The feasibility of an app-idea

Send me your idea for an app using the form below and I can assist in determining whether it's "appable"!

Here are some key points to remember in apps:

  1. Uniqueness - it must be original in some way. Do not reinvent the wheel. Ideally it should be something totally new, but even if it's similar to another app on the market, it must standout with some unique offerings for the user not found somewhere else, otherwise it's just a clone of something else.
  2. Functionality - it must work well and offer things that make it easier for a user to achieve something (closing a gap).
  3. Great User Experience - user-friendliness is integral in apps.
  4. Attractiveness - aesthetic is everything, no one likes an ugly app.
  5. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) - no one's gonna use an app that is way too complex to understand.
  6. Growth and future value - A good app must always have potential to grow. Build the most important part of the app first and offer that to users and then later expand on it, offering cooler things - it keeps them engaged and looking forward to an update.

So use the form below to send me your unique idea for an app. You can trust that I won't steal any ideas, but if you would prefer we can sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) first. If you want to, fill out this NDA (see it here), send it back to me and I'll sign it and send back to you again.