My Credentials

I attended a very old, tradition-rich high school that prides itself in academics situated in the beautiful town of Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa, called Paarl Boys' High. I am proud to say my name still appears in their big assembly hall, as I was the second best student in the school (2nd dux, or called Salutatorian in America) in matric (final school year).

After high school I studied Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Computer Science at Stellenbosch University, South Africa and this is where I mostly fell in love with coding, even though I was introduced to it at a young age already (13) by my much older cousin who is also a programmer (my first little program that I wrote was done in Visual Basic - it was a simple dialog-thingy that asked the users questions about the game Quake and based on their responses the dialog would show some image or another, can't really remember anymore).

I achieved cum laude for my final year thesis, of which the report can be viewed here if anyone is maybe interested. The thesis was about writing a classifier program that would classify a person's ethnicity and home language (I worked with the 5 most widely spoken languages in South Africa) based on their given name alone. Topics involved include: statistics, text-classification techniques, machine learning (specifically something called Supervised Learning ) and a lot of maths! My own classifier that I wrote in C++ achieved a high accuracy when applied to test data sets, it was comparable to an open source text-classifier developed by Stanford (which I used in further studies for the text-classification problem I tackled).

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