Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape

This is probably my favourite Foo Fighters album. Released in 1997 - a few years after Nirvana and Grunge took over the world - this album is better classified as Hard Rock instead of grunge.

So who would have thunk that the drummer of Nirvana is not only a multi-instrumentalist (Dave Grohl played all of the instruments on the Foo's debut album), but also a great songwriter?

Grohl really has an ear for a pop-rock hook, and it's easy to recognize his songwriting style on a Foo Fighters song, even if you haven't heard it before.

This album is quite angry/heavy at times - might be a result of Grohl's divorce in 1996. The dark and angry songs (some of which feature classic Dave Grohl growls (Dave Growls?) are complemented nicely with softer, ballady tracks.

My favourite songs:

  • Everlong
  • February Stars (this song always gives me musical frisson - if you don't know what frisson is, go look it up 😀 )
  • Monkey Wrench

Fun fact, this album has a lot of 7th chords, evidence of Grohl's Beatlesque rock-pop sensibility.

Listen to it here.

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