Interests and Activities

A long list of things that I am passionate about, in no order of importance or anything.

  • Friends & Family: I believe that good connections with people are what makes your life meaningful.
  • Technology: Software, Internet, Open Source movement, AI, VR, AR, IoT, Biomimicry.
  • Science: My father, being a scientist in general, inspired a love of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and its applications in the world, in me since childhood.
  • Music: I am a musician myself and almost constantly listen to the types of music that appeals to me everywhere I go. Started playing guitar at 11, and take pride in my instrument of choice. “Jamming” with friends and recording it is great! Feel free to go check out my Soundcloud account that has all my original compositions on there.
  • Art: From early on I've been exposed to great art in different mediums. Even though I'm not really that talented, I've had a few art classes in different times in my life and I have created some things I am proud of.
  • Language: I gained a love of languages from my mother who was an English teacher at college level for a long time.
  • Reading Good books: Fiction (all genres) and non-fiction (especially auto-biographies), are one of my great passions and I gladly maintained a love of reading since I was young.
  • Evolution: Reading about Evolution of life, animal and human behaviour on this planet, the only one we know that is capable of life.
  • Human Sciences: As my brother is a clinical psychologist, I gained a new appreciation of the study of the human mind, why it works the way it does, and how it can be changed using natural and scientific means.
  • Wikipedia: Free information about anything you can think of!
  • Animals & Pets: I am a very big fan of animals and pets, especially dogs and cats (cats are my favourite, I have a one-year old girl of a real special breed called a Russian Blue).
  • Soccer: Great sport, actively played it for a while (I was central-defender, they called me the "Rock of Gibraltar") at the Paarl Soccer Club as a kid.
  • Card Games & Tricks: Poker: Cards and card games are fascinating, but playing poker is the ultimate for me, I prefer real games but I also played online (Silversands Online Casino) a lot until it was made illegal in SA. Tricks: figuring out the "magic" behind card tricks is fascinating. After reading up on card tricks a bit I developed a unique self-working mathematical card trick to easily check if a deck contains exactly 52 cards, that is much quicker and impressive than just counting the cards.
  • Guitar & Bands: I have been a member of various bands (lead guitar, of which I am very passionate about) during school and university years, and was also part of a serenade group called "Die Kraaie" during hostel years while studying, and I'm looking to start a new musical venture again soon. I also record solo stuff where I play all the instruments on my own. Check out the Souncloud link above if you're interested in hearing my music.
  • Tennis: Still love tennis, and achieved Boland Provincial Colours in 2001.
  • Creative Writing: Editor of high school annual magazine, Die Retina, and annual magazine of Wilgenhof Residence, Die Bliksem, in 2009 & 2011.

Feel free to contact me using the form below if you want to discuss something interesting in these topics. I believe knowledge sharing is key and I'm not just a coder, I also like to communicate with people :)