Mac DeMarco - Another One

A friend once described Mac's music as "it's like getting stoned with SpongeBob Squarepants and listening to his music tastes". I think I can end the review here.

But I won't! I discovered Mac Demarco early this year by chance (as these things happen), and wow, what a guy!

Canadian-born, currently only 27 years of age, he started making his name by doing quite wacky projects - but people quickly realized his talents, and he started kind of gaining a cult following at first in Canada and then America. There's even a whole subreddit dedicated to Mac, not only discussing his music but also his life and personal relationships and worries about his possible addiction issues, stuff like that. If you can make an impression like that on your fans; that they start to take an interest in your personal life, I think you've made it 😀

Other descriptions of his music include "lazy jazz-rock", "slacker rock" or his self-described term "jizz-jazz" (make of that what you want haha).

"Another one" is a mini-LP containing mostly songs about love, or as he described it "music containing songs and lyrics about that feeling you get in your chest". It's very mellow, like all his stuff, with great guitar and melodies. I think he's trying to tell the world what The Beatles tried over and over - all you need is love.

Also check out Salad Days, his big album that helped him achieve this cult following. Brilliant stony-spongebob music 😀 And the follow up to that, This Old Dog, containing a bit more personal stuff about his relationship with his father.

So when you finish work and you're in the mood to chill out and relax, and also take a break from heavyish rock, containing difficult things like anger, depression, self-worry, like a lot of things mentioned in my previous album reviews (not saying some of his songs are not about these things, but it's done in a mellow way), put on a Mac Demarco album.

I like this guy, his personality and approach to life. One thing that I *really* found amazing is that at the end of each of his albums he has a personal message for the listener 😀. For this one, he gives the actual address of the small room where he recorded this album, saying "Stop by, I'll make you a cup of coffee. See you later". Another one he says sincerely "Hi guys, Mac here, hope you enjoyed the album and thanks for listening." In another one he talks to a girl in the background who fell asleep on his couch telling her that it's time to go to bed.

What a chill guy.

The subreddit mentioned above.

And my fav tune from this EP (I've Been Waiting For Her).


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