Nomanini Nomanini Point of Sale Product Example Image

I am currently employed as a Service Provider for the development of the Android apps at a great company called Nomanini, which means "anytime" in Siswati.

Nomanini provides affordable access to payments for everyone, everywhere. They do this by working with banks to optimise transactions in the informal retail sector. Nomanini's main focus is on making financial transactions geared towards the informal merchant market as quick, easy and pleasant as possible to the merchant and the client.

Nomanini has won several prestigious awards during the years (see images below for a few of them).

Nomanini Fintech Award
Voted Top 3 Fintech Companies in Africa
Nomanini MIT Finalist
Shortlisted for the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge
Nomanini WSA Nominee
Announced as national winners of the UN World Summit Awards