Pink Floyd - Animals

I am still amazed by the incredible genius of this album - the music, the concept, the lyrics. Everything. It is eargasmic to the point of it emotionally affecting you if you really involve yourself in the music and the ideas contained in the songs. One example is the song Dogs, which features an actual doggo "singing" (howling), along to the music to the best of his ability. This dog must have also understood Pink Floyd's ideas:

"Dogs" concentrates on the aggressive, ruthlessly competitive world of business, describing a high-powered businessman. The first two verses detail his predatory nature — outwardly charming and respectable with his "club tie and a firm handshake, a certain look in the eye and an easy smile", while behind this facade he lies waiting "to pick out the easy strike when the moment is right", and to stab those who trust him in the back. Subsequent verses portray the emptiness of his existence catching up to him as he grows older, retiring to the South rich, but unloved: "just another sad old man, all alone and dying of cancer", and drowning under the weight of a metaphorical stone.

I have once been through a situation with someone resembling the target of this song, so the song and album really resonates with me.

The album has some of the best work that David Gilmour has ever done, experimenting more with effects, which I love, and which was, in those times, absolutely ground-breaking. In Dogs he does three-part guitar harmonies, which I think was done by the BOSS HR-2 Harmonist pedal. Great stuff. LATER EDIT: That pedal didn't exist at that time, so Gilmour must have layered the harmonies.

10/10 would listen again and again and again.

😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 Enjoy!

Go listen to Dogs and check the lyrics here.

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