After Mxit ended, they donated all their IP to a PBO (public benefit organisation) who started out as a subsidiary of Mxit, called Mxit Reach. Reach then formed their own company called The Reach Trust, whose main focus was on alleviating the education problem in South Africa through the use of technology, in this case mobile applications.

I was employed there as Head of Mobile Dev and the lead of the team of 3 developing their flagship app, called LevelUp. The idea of LevelUp is to pose daily "challenges" (quizzes) to users about various subjects in the South African curriculum, together with each question covering something important happening in society, for example AIDS awareness. When the user successfully answers the daily challenges delivered to them via push notifications, they earn points and can "level up" their status in the app. These points they earn can then easily be redeemed for products, vouchers, airtime etc.

The app was a great success upon launch and currently stands at a 4.4 rating on the Play Store. Check out LevelUp on the Play Store

After my time at the company reached (excuse the pun) the end, Reach went on to focus on ECD (early childhood development) apps. You can view all their apps (which are great due to a new team of excellent developers) here.

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