Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger

I had quite a huge grunge influence as a teen, I was Nirvana befok at a stage. I was always aware of Soundgarden and enjoyed the tracks on MTV and stuff like that. But after Chris Cornell's sad death I started listening to Soundgarden more often.

Badmotorfinger is their 3rd album and it's actually quite metal in places - it has this huge in your face, low, heavy sound to it which is great. Any fan of heavy rock will love this, it's really well done.

The standouts on this album are definitely Kim Thayil's insane talent and skill on guitar, and of course the late legend Chris Cornell's brutal singing/screaming and the best of all - the lyrics. They really got the meaning of things down with everything combined.

The song Outshined is one of the best, most honest songs about addiction that I've heard. Chris Cornell struggled with addiction to substances since his 20's. What's real sad about the whole thing when listening to this now, is the fact that he never overcame his issues, his addictions ultimately led to his death.

I recommend you go and listen to the 25th Anniversary Issue (go check it on Google Play Music) that contains a 2nd album with amazing studio outtakes.

Listen to it here.

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