Tame Impala - Lonerism

I’ve listened to this album a few times on holiday when alone on headphones. This is my second Tame Impala review so excuse me for that but I really really like this band and the style of music that they make. Again, just imagine The Beatles continuing further with their psychedelic phase and this is what you would get. It’s a wonder it’s taken like 30 years for this type of music to be re-delivered to fans like ourselves. Some people call this a revival instead of a totally original musical direction, which is probably fine - I don’t think Kevin Parker, the mastermind behind everything, would mind that description.

Tame Impala creates soundscapes in their songs instead of the typical uni-directional song-writing style you’ll find with most artists combined with amazingly simple but catchy melodies. I would say the appeal of Tame Impala is 30% creative experimental effects-driven music and 70% melody.

Even better is Parker’s lyrics: each song is about some personal thought/wondering/realization that he has experienced. The title of the album, Lonerism, describes the themes found in the songs perfectly. Parker has said a few times in interviews that he feels he is a loner, living in his own mind, and the only way he can give expression for that kind of mind-state is through music. This album is optimistic as a whole, while still containing songs about some real deep realizations we can come to about situations we see every day - Kevin just writes down his feelings all the time and creates something cool with each idea he has.

This is a guy who has sat alone in his room playing around with effects pedals, recording software and various instruments, all on his own, since he was about 13. We are lucky to be able to hear all his music (each album is completely written, performed (all instruments), recorded, mixed and mastered by himself) and he never disappoints. I’m looking forward to checking out what is coming next.


  • Be Above It - bad things happening to you, society letting you down
  • Endors Toi (which means “Fall Asleep” in French) - a kind of blissful song, guitars are amazing - his use of phaser in this song is nothing short of brilliant, his phaser effect lasts for a whole bar with the guitar playing the chord progression. It’s a dream for people who like psychedelic guitar effects
  • Why Won’t They Talk To Me? - a song about lonely feelings, a bit depressing actually, even though the music doesn’t reflect that. I guess it’s about someone feeling that they don’t “fit in” with certain situations (something we all can probably relate to)
  • Feels Like We Only Go Backwards - A song about a relationship he has/had in which things seem to progress but ultimately only goes back to where it was originally

The whole album is a highlight really. Listen to each track and check the lyrics 😀

Listen to it here.

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